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in response to your specific question: IMO poly people can have one night stands. Individuals in a poly relationship need to negotiate if this is acceptable for the particular relationship.

That's not why I responded to your post though...

Something I felt was worth sharing is that I've come to the conclusion in my relationships that the presence of metamours or other partners is not the important concern when it comes to if a partner is going to be committed to me. Whatever the metamour does cannot harm my relationship. It's how my partner reacts to my metamours behavior that matters.

In your case your girlfriend has observed that her potential ONS blatantly disregards your importance in her life. Your girlfriend's choice of reaction tells me that there are some serious concerns in your own relationship. My advice is to stop worrying about the other guy, and figure out where the relationship between you and your girlfriend needs fixing. And if she's not interested in fixing it, I advise you to move on.
"Owning your feelings is basic to understanding the boundaries of where you end and the next person begins and the perfect first step toward self-acceptance and self-love." The Ethical Slut pg 69, Dossie Easton and Janet W Hardy

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