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Default no rules

The 4 of us in the quad here have basically no rules. We are a wonderful mix of people. We do have our ups and downs and such , and there has been some discomforts when my wife said i dont like it when you kiss your GF a lot becuase i dont get that from my BF, however we have done a lot of talking and things are now very good between the 4 of us.

We have had a very nice week, i guess we are a rare animal because the 4 of us share (all of us). As an example yesterday started with our bf coming over to do some work in our driveway. While my son (older @24) and i watched TV my wife and bf went upstairs and made out (very quietly lol). later my wife and i went over to their place (we dont live far apart.)

Before dinner my gf and I went upstairs and hung out and played together while the other 2 hung out downstairs. When we down there was a bit of play going on and then the 2 guys played very briefly with each other. After that we made dinner, after dinner i wnet back upstairs with my gf.

After my gf and i were done playing we settled in for some cuddling and then my wife and bf came up. All 4 of us settled into the bed for some naked fun , i made love to m gf while my wife and the bf made love. it was almost midnight before we got back home.

So we are now a solid fourple with no rules and just basically love. (there is even some very light talk of the 4 of us moving in together).
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