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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
Congratulations! Maybe now would be a good time to delete your profile and show your wife you are dedicated to her.

I got a good one on Dec 13

Hello there! I never use this site but I could not help but say hello when I saw your profile. You seem very interesting, I have many of the same interests, eclectic music sort of stuff. I love jazz and hip hop myself; my life passion is poetry. I am in [my city] and study literature. I see you are "looking for" individuals of a slightly younger age, 25-40? I fall shy of the range at 23 (well, in February I will be) but perhaps we can spark a conversation if that isn't a dealbreaker? Have a pleasant day!
And so I wrote back. His 2nd msg was even better.

...My interest is piqued due to your photos and the fact that you are interested in younger men. Very piqued.

You say in your profile you are intruiged by the goddess mythologies/religions? They interest me too, though being male perhaps influences my bias toward the warrior mythologies. I feel like most of the theological systems we have now are half-and-half, usually with the paganistic fertiltiy superceded by warrior values, no doubt because the fertility/goddess culture was invaded by the battling/warrior culture. How well they combine them is a key to their interesting-ness, for me. Christianity isn't graceful with it, between the Virgin Mary and the proselytizing Truth that is Jesus. Hinduism is graceful, with Krishna and his consort Radha being the self-concious unity of the two forces, male and female. And of course, the ancient Greeks did it best, embodied in Pallas Athena, herself a virgin warrior.

Anywho I could rap all day about these things, let me cut to the chase. I am interested in sex with you. I fully am attracted to older women. Your posted photos, show a voluptuous body that really excites me sexually. The fact that your hair is gray is hot because it shows you are comfortable with your naturalness, and I love that sort of confidence. Young women rarely, if ever, are ok with themselves like that. In short I am attracted to you and am extremely interested in your sex.

I apologize for the lack of photos; I have some on another computer, I'd be happy to send some to you at a later date. I am not trying to dick you around in that regard (as it were), I am admittedly a tad shy but I am not trying to be deceptive or elusive, at least not privately. So, if my catharsis hasn't frightened you, I hope to hear from you soon. Tell me about yourself, I am quite sick of focusing on me these past paragraphs. How long have you lived in [my city]? I see you're well-traveled, why the hell do you choose to stay here? What are some of your favorite literary and/or theological ideas? & suchlike etcetera. Hope to hear from you soon!
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