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wow.....I don't fully know the context of the "we"......if they consider you part of the "we", I would think they would want you along....if they are in some new place where they are in NRE and trying to figure out where "we" is, then they may need some space and some time to work thru that......which makes it tough on you since you have to find something to do while they're away or wife has voiced that she feels left out and doesn't know what to do when my 2nd and I are alone for the night...she tries to keep herself busy with computer work, movies, wouldn't necessarily be an issue if she and my 2nd were bisexual and made love together with me, but they are not, which means someone is always left out. my 2nd feels that way when my wife and I are together, too.....if it becomes evident with time that the "we" doesn't include "you", then obviously there is a problem in the relationship which is too bad. I hope it works out for you and your partners.
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