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Yes, I believe that he is worried about loosing me... not today, not tomorrow, but maybe when our kids are grown... I have no intention of leaving him and our family. I am so thankful for the relationship that we have and have had over the years. I would not and do not treat it that lightly. I guess, the problem is he had a hard time talking about the situation and denial works for him... and, with the kids and holidays, it was easy for me to just not bring it up... that has to change. It is going to be hard... I am not sure where to start... but I have to get my courage up and address this... I am not stupid... relationships change... the new and the old. I am not naive enough to think that my new relationship will be perfect and the end all be all... it will change over time too.. I guess that is why Poly is so attractive to me. I can love, that love can change, and we/I can change with it... If only it were that easy. Thank you for the responses and support.
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