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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
It does feel strange beatbox... I think women have it a lot more easy. They just kind of announce that they are free and men come to them. I feel bad for all you men on the dating scene. Especially Poly dating!!! geesh, hard work. Still, try and enjoy it. You sound like you are! Remember you are not alone and have your wife to talk to and muse about the whole thing with... she could give you some points on what she think would work and what your strong points are that should be brought forward. This seemed to help my husband. I thought he was the cutest thing ever when he was dating a lot. My problem was not following behind him to yell at his date that they better treat him right or I would be after them! I am so protective over my men
Well, my wife thinks I should be up front with everyone I date right off the bat. And I agree from an ethical point of view. However, from a probability POV I think I should give it some time. Let them get to know me. Decide whether or not I am someone they like, then tell them.

Two schools of thought, and the 3rd option.....don't tell them....which is neither practical nor ethical. Disaster would soon follow. I prefer to keep things civil.

And pepper, I appreciate you acknowledging this about the males having their work cut out for them. It may get rough and maybe even lonely.

Perhaps this girl will call me, maybe not. She didn't last night, but it was not unexpected seeing as how I had no "IN".
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