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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
I am sorry that you are hurting.

As you said: how to un-love someone? You will hurt from this if you stay involved, even if it's just with him, because she can't be part of it as well but will always be on your and his mind.
Yes, you're right. Not to mention their children (who I also became well-attached to over the last year).

Originally Posted by Phy View Post

I hope you can figure it out. I know logical advice tends to be easily given and how difficult it is to rule your heart out of the equation. Despite that, good luck.
It's good to hear logic from others far removed from the situation. When such strong emotions are involved, it's hard to know if I'm analyzing well. And I appreciate your compassion.

While the pain waxes and wanes, today I am doing better. Thank you.
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