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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Car salespeople are really good at reading people I think...I'm not comparing the two just an observation on how people interact.

Does your Gf have a husband or additional partners?

How was the holidays for everyone?

Did your wife have a specific plan or solution in mind when she voiced her unhappiness in this shift or switcheroo?
I know that car salespeople are skilled at psychological manipulation. You could say that they are good at reading people. They throw out some bait and observe their customer's reaction. Sort of the same way that mediums work. Also, how officers work when they are interviewing perps. Get somebody with a psych major to watch "Cops".

Gf is only seeing me.

Holidays were great. My wife has a thing for public holidays (but who doesn't?) so she's in a better mood. Gf went to see her extended family. Daughter is worrying about her exam results.

My wife's plan was that we attempt reconciliation. In the same way that we attempted reconciliation when we first started polyamory.
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