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This is a bit of a vent as I have a need to get it out.

Christmas Day was a challenge for me as I organized a brunch and no one showed up (besides my immediate family) because they were all Skyping my Welsh relatives at my parents house a few houses down. They didn't think to call me over or call and tell me that they wouldn't be showing up. I was hurt and angry for most of the day. This kind of lack of consideration is common in my family and I have had many issues created over my life time because of it. I dealt with those Christmas day. It affirmed to me that the value I have on consideration/empathy/compassion (all forms) is a big one for me as is my need to feel as if I "belong." Lots of thoughts around all of that in the last few days.

I had many emails, texts and further communications though from people who do consider me and love me. I was overwhelmed with love from people and finally got to have a long chat with my aunt on Boxing day. All good.

I had a really great conversation yesterday with my Christian father about Pagan and Christian tradition. We have been having an ongoing conversation for years now and this was the first one that he stopped and really listened to what I was saying (another family issue; not being listened to). I was thrilled that we could communicate about all of it without his face being blank and my becoming frustrated and walking away because of what I consider his lack of interest in my life. It was a deep topic and a difficult one for him and he stayed present and we both contributed. Like adults.

Ah, family

Onwards into the New Year!

Spent lots of time with my men and my ex wife this Christmas. It was thoroughly enjoyable and filled with much laughter, love and fun. LB had a great time too. Lots of loving family around him. I felt truly blessed.
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