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Talking 23 yr georgia girl lookin for a polyandry relationship. 2 males

hi everyone, I'm from the good ole south, and if you know anything about it there isn't much chance for looking for different kind of relationships besides the old m/f marriage. I'm interested in meeting guys who are looking for a m/m/f relationship. If your bi- or straight and don't mind to share doesn't bother me, whatever tickles your fancy. Ive always know I was different, in my wants and my needs. I'm fairly new to all of this. So I figured this was a good place to start. I do admit I'm kind of a homebody/geek lol. I love my video games but also cooking and keeping house, looking after people makes me happy. I'm a curvy lady with a tounge ring And 2 tattoos so far. I like alot of diff things. I'm really open. So feel free to contact me with whatever. I'm looking forward to meeting some people. Thanks y'all.
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