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Originally Posted by Amitrye View Post
My question is: should I tell my father?

Also, my mother has e-mailed me a list of things she wants from this house- some of them belong to her and some don't. What should I do about that?

Lastly, should I blame her for the accident?

First, you need to do whatever is most likely to keep you and your child safe. My first choice would be to tell him, but I'm not in the situation, so you will need to decide how safe that is. My concern is that if he finds out later that you knew and didn't tell him, his anger will be with you as well.

You need to extricate yourself from being used as the go between. I'd say tell her that you are not going to get involved and if she wants anything she needs to arrange it with someone other than you.

Accidents happen. Holding onto anger because of it only hurts you in the long run.
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