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This whole "withholding" that you speak of in your first post Legion makes me think of when I have been in other relationships. I was a big "withholder" due to my not wanting to hurt others and to have some kind of semblance of "mine" in terms of my thoughts, feelings and secret memories. I still don't make a habit of telling everything that goes on in my head at every second. I tell it when it seems relevant and appropriate to do so.

That being said, something as important as a kiss needs to be told as soon as possible if it was not previously discussed as a possibility to begin with.... it takes practice I have found, to be tactful, honest and respectful of peoples feelings. It is an art form for some and just a way that some have. For me it has been a life long practice. Much like learning how to meditate properly... it doesn't just come to me, it needs work and refinement to be honest and open while not trampling on others feelings.

You are a work in progress in other words glad to see you are working on it all, regardless of the result with NYX.
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