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Ok, well ive talked to him and first off he would like to say: thanks for the support (or lack there of...) as he does not feel that many have actually said: hey, it can work.

to quote him from an email about this:

Yes, I do not want to meet him (at this time), have a relationship with him (at this time) and will not frequently bring him up in conversation with you. BUT I HAVE NO PROBLEM TALKING ABOUT HIM WITH YOU (sorry for yelling, but I am both worked up and feel like I have been trying to say that for weeks now and apparently you still havenít heard me). Yes, I might get quiet at times (I just donít have anything to say, but it is not because I am uncomfortable), but in all honesty I quite like hearing about what you and him get up to as he is an important part of your life

In a way, I know part of the emotion in me is the fact these people are somewhat rightÖ if I didnít see a future for us (the three of us), then I would have to agree with them and move on out. But I do! I donít know exactly what it looks like and when I try to pin it down right now I canít see how it could work for all of us (hey, common, letís remember we are only 3+ months into this, plenty can change and I hope it does). I know that I am immature when it comes to relationships, I canít say whether it would be any easier in a Mono relationship (maybe harder because it would be easier just to move on because we donít want to work through our concerns)

As for the half a relationship, he makes a good point. I have always thought about those things in my life, but letís be honest, if they meant that much to me, I would have been doing much more, much sooner and I wouldnít be here with you!

Lastly (I am sorry for ranting on here), the one that really sticks in my back is the comment about how I am apparently giving you an ultimatum!?!?! I wonít lie, it has crossed my mind, but I know that is not what I want anyway (for MANY MANY reasons)! When have I ever demanded to have more?!?! Yes, I may ask and when you say no, I know it is for good reason.

Yea, so Im not ready to just let him go just yet
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