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Default Washington State, here.

Hi there. Writing in from the American Northwest. Male half of a young, educated happily-married couple, poly "in theory" for some time, though in practice still quite new.

About me: Late twenties, ex-military, grad student pursuing a humanities degree. In a new poly involvement, my own this time, and trying to get a feel for the landscape. New terrain, scary and confusing, but also very exciting. I'm lucky to have a supportive spouse and supportive friends, and I feel like this is the start of something special. I've been learning a lot, not least of all about trust and respect and communication, and I feel like the experience is also making me a better husband.

Flip side of the coin: living poly in secret. Most of our friends don't know what we are, and as such we're maybe open to three people, tops. Also hard to find good candidates, so we go years at a time without involvement. Makes the landscape somewhat asymmetrical at times, going both ways, but on the whole I've found it strengthens our relationship. So there's that.

As of right now, just trying to figure things out. Lot of emotions, lots of confusion, fear, excitement. Not particularly interested in new attachments right now, but certainly not above making friends. If it feels right, even some casual flirting; I've always had a particular attraction to the smart girl at the party. But beyond that? Just trying to learn the ropes for now. Glad to be here.
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