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Originally Posted by Legion View Post
The problem recently I've experienced is that I was with Nyx who agreed to try poly with me, but then anytime I started actually dating or interacting with someone romantically besides her we would have a meltdown, tears and hours of conversation to try and get to a stable place again. The stable place usually involving me also dropping any present or future plans I had of dating for a little while. A little while passing, another attempt to actually shift "mono" to "poly" and another break down or even break-up, the circle continued.
I would suggest that NYX is not poly and loves the idea of you so much that she is willing to forgo what she really needs in her life, which may just be a man that wants to stay home with her and her kids and just be with her to help raise them.... nothing wrong with that, at all, but until she figures it out either way I suspect that the circle WILL continue.
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