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Three days ago my ex, my child, and I were in a car accident. My daughter is okay and so is my ex. I had some injuries because the impact was on my side. The car was totaled.
I had not intended to leave the house that day, but I went because my mother said she was going to see my sister. Now I find out that she flew off to see her boyfriend while she's still married to my stepdad (her husband of over 20 years). I take care of my stepdad and live with him. He keeps asking me when mom is coming home and why she won't answer his calls. She has told me that she left because, "I want everyone to feel miserable over Christmas the way I have felt."
So now I'm mad at her because if she told me she was leaving to see her boyfriend in Indiana that dad doesn't know about, I wouldn't have taken her to the airport. I'm also angry because her last minute decision to do this cost me a car, made my baby sick, and almost killed me- just in time for baby's first real Christmas.
My question is: should I tell my father? My mom said she's not coming back and has no intention of telling dad what she is doing up there.
If I tell him he might kill the messenger- when he's emotional he has schizo-affective/manic episodes. If I don't tell him I'm lying by omission.
Also, my mother has e-mailed me a list of things she wants from this house- some of them belong to her and some don't. What should I do about that?
Lastly, should I blame her for the accident? I had begged her not to go that day because it was last-minute notice and I had a bad feeling. I told her about the accident on the phone (voicemail and text) and she hasn't even called me back to see if we are okay. I know I'm like a pouty little kid here- but I'm kind of pissed.
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