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Ah sorry. Not hard to tell that you've had a hard time DH, but I regret asking. I apologise.

Sorry I thought your user name was kinda Pissed off.
That's cause it is. It refers to something my wife said about herself.

And now i really get why you think she cheated on you in the beginning've been trained to read people and put together evidence.
Yeah sorta. I mean, there's a lot of misconceptions about law enforcement. Naturally, I blame TV.

There's quite a bit of evidence, leading me to believe that my wife was having an affair before proposing the idea of poly to me. It's not like I just pulled the theory out of my ass. Poly or no, not many people like being lied to. No need for me to go into it. The past belongs in the past. It's sorta like the existence of God, I can't prove it either way.

Btw there's no concrete evidence suggesting that police can read people any better than your average joe. Ya know, if I was interviewing you, and I thought that you were BSing me, I would take advantage of any misconceptions that you had. Take the psychological advantage when you have it.
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