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sorry, I'm a bit confused... you two are broken up, yet you are working on this like a couple not broken up.... why? because of history?

Legion, I was lead to believe by other posts that you are a free spirit that just wants to have lots of girlfriends... I'm all for lots of girlfriends. I don't think it means that at the end of ones life there is a feeling of having been loved and that makes me sad, but what the heck, I don't think everyone has that goal in mind anyway. I also think that eventually many women will get hurt as, it seems to me, that as we age we tend to want to settle more and the women that you may date might have this in mind and be hurt by your free spirit. I was considering this when I read the hurt that NYX was going through. She seems to be a woman that wants to settle into something long term, close to home and good for a family style relationship. Sooooo, what are you two working towards....???? That may be the first step in communicating.

Legion forgive me if I am surprised that you actually have some depth! and actually are willing to work on this. Even if you aren't getting back together, it will be beneficial in the long run anyways..

good luck you two...
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