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Originally Posted by Jericka View Post
That sounds painful, and I am sorry.

I do have a couple questions though. It looks like MFF polyfi triads are the way you do poly? That seems to be the way you have settled in comfortably in the past. Is that also the form that the guy in the picture would be looking for, and is his request for you to hold on and wait related to that?
The MFF triad has been my only experience with poly, but it lasted for the better part of two decades. So I haven't had experience with other versions.

As for the guy ~ their first experience with the threesome was promoted by my friend; not him. Meeting me and finding us so compatible he regards more as being struck by lightning ~ an accident rather than being basically poly himself. He had said he'd always felt alone in the world, but because he and I are so alike, meeting me changed all of that. (And yes, I feel the same way.) That said, he no way wanted to give up his wife for me. In fact before she freaked, his affection for her grew. He immediately understood that the two of us were not interchangeable (sadly she did not). So I would suspect our relationship, should it come to pass, would be basically monogamous unless lightning were to strike twice.
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