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Hey Nix, any new developments?

My boyfriend and I didn't even have sex for the first two months. And after that, even though there was a lot of heat, a lot of chemistry and both of us were very keen, the fact is we had both come out of long term relationships and we were just "learning" each other. We're both quite anxious people too, so every little thing got analysed... he was a very new and different sexual experience for me, as I'm sure I was for him. As our relationship grew and we got more comfortable and trusting with each other, the sex improved too.

He was the first one that this ever happened with - he made me question this idea that a good connection automatically translates into good sex. In fact, there seems to be something even subtly more intimate about learning someone's particular mind and body, all the unique features in their erotic landscape, exactly how they work, and how you can create a way to work together with them... it's romantic in its own way
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