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If a guy is very much not ok with abortion, and does not want kids, then he had better step up and take responsibility for what he can do birth control wise. No guy with attitudes like that would get near me without a condom.

The guys that I know that don't want kids use condoms.


Without me asking for it or pushing in any way.

One of they guys ALSO has had a vasectomy, so the condom is really for std protection, but still. I like guys who will take their own steps and not just put all the work, expense, and discomfort on the woman. Not that all kinds of BC are uncomfortable, but, some can be with the implantation or installation, and even BC hormones can mess with your moods and body if you have trouble finding the right one for you.

Also, worrying if it will look like you are just looking for attention is a huge red flag for me. I start wondering what is going on at that point.
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