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Christmas went really well. My mom was with me and JJ and my good friend and her boyfriend visited us, too. It was almost perfect. I say almost because it would've been perfect if rory would've been there. I missed her a lot during Christmas. But I get to see her in a little over a week, which is great! I'm reeeaally looking forward to rory meeting my mom and my best friend when she's here.

JJ messaged a girl on a dating site a few days ago. I don't know if she'll answer or not but the fact that he did that is something. He has really started to put himself out there to find someone. It's not easy in this small town especially when he doesn't want to put the name of the town in his profile. That's because he thinks that could possibly out him to people he doesn't want to be out to. So he just has to find the right people himself and message them. The girl he found on the site lives in a another town, but that town is quite close to ours so that's good. I really hope she answers because there actually isn't very many poly people to choose from in our area.
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