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You seem to at least want to have the answers people are looking for. Perhaps you have graduated to a degree that you can look around at us, or just me, and find these things amusing

Like watching a pet search around in new territory can be both interesting and funny because they haven't discovered all the surprises yet. I should think you have it pretty put together over there.....

I'm freakin 33 years old and I feel like a kid again now that our playground went from the swing, to monkey bars, a slide, a tire swing, and, well you get the point.

If the show were going to be any good it would have to be on Skinamax. Anything less would be a disservice. HBO has Big Love Showtime Californication and while that's not the same thing, there is hardly room on those channels for a poly show......But I do agree. You can play the lead character Mono.

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