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Well Merry Christmas

So I guess everything is pretty much summed up. I'm forgetting more each day. Which sucks. But I'm forgetting negatives. So I'm happy with it.

Today was amazing. I stayed with T through the night. We woke up. He got me coffee in bed and I gave him presents. Wuthering Heights, The Hush Sound's Goodbye Blues, and the Jurassic Park Trilogy... I already gave him his presents a few weeks ago when he had asked for his things back. I wanted to make sure he got some from me today though so I got a few more. He already gave me all mine. Oh, I got him a nice pillow w/ pillowcase. I gave that to him last night because he said, "I wish I had more pillows". So I was very giggly and ran out of bed and made him come open it. It was in my nephew's left over My First Kitchen box XP

I owed him a pillow because one night he stayed and left his things when he went to work. I was living with dad then. Me being me, I forgot it and left it out. So our dog, Buddy, ate it... Well ripped a corner in it.

So we got up and showered. He played Skyrim (AMAZING, so much so I had to buy it) while I got ready.

We went to dad's for our immediate family Christmas. K-Jo/or just Jo* (nephew, 2 yrs.) opened his presents from Papa (my dad) and Nana (my stepmom). My sister MJ and I opened our few presents (dad gave us cash mainly because we didn't give him a list of what we wanted). G. (my stepbrother) was there, which is surprising after him and my stepmom got into a bad fight :s Jo asked where T was when we weren't talking the couple weeks we weren't. Jo loves T. He was excited by his new play kitchen from papa and nana. I bought him play food and he tried eating it HA HA HA. So cute.
*I won't use their real names

Then T took me to my step-aunt's. We stayed just a few minutes. We found out it was going to take longer than I had originally thought to play games and eat food. We still had to see T's dad. We left.

I MET HIS DAD!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B kept T from having me meet them.

I was so nervous I had a cigarette. I was shaking which no one noticed, thank goodness for. I was holding a wine glass with one hand, but I then decided after it was sloshing a little because I was shaking that two hands were better. T's step mom kept offering me wine. I don't think they know my age. I didn't decline the wine, it being a holiday. It's wine, I don't drink it to get drunk.

Okay well I think I'm going to go into depth. T and I drove from my dad's to his dad's which is about 15 miles away in mainly silence. I don't mind this. With him even silence is beautiful. Which I usually hate silence so I know something is right here? Well it wasn't silent, we always listen to music, being music and cinephiles. We were sick of Christmas music. I skipped through the channels. I have music A.D.H.D. and can't stick to something. Plus they play some not so good songs xp
We were almost out of town. We always hold hands. T asks me, "Baby can I have a cigarette? I didn't smoke at all since yesterday". I told him yes if I could have one. I was nervous, I think he was too? Either that or he was stressed my family was upset for leaving so soon. He smokes Camel Crushes. I am not a smoker. I had one pack last week though I won't deny. Well I bought it two weeks ago and finished last week. It took over a week and a half to finish. He is a smoker. He started three years ago. I hated smoking with a passion before him. He didn't smoke ever around me when I told him that. Then I told him it was okay if he had wanted to. So we smoked in silence. Except for my occasional giggle, being a non-smoker I still get bad head rushes.

We pulled up and he asked me if I wanted a chocolate. I did to help cover up the smoke on my breath because we didn't have gum. He opened chocolate my stepmom had given us. It was Hershey kisses He struggled to open the thin ribbon so I did it, by cheating with my teeth. He opened his by just cheating and pulling the ribbon up and over the top . We got out of his car and walked up to the door. It is a nice house. Very large. Decorated well. I walked behind T being afraid. The door was basically all glass and it was surrounded by large windows. I could see the largest tree I'd ever seen in the window on the left. He knocked and his father opened it. His sister was standing near. She is just a year older or younger. She is going to college an hour away so she's not home much.

We walked in and I took off my work boots, being the only shoes I had. Well I had leaned down to start untying them when T introduced his father. I hopped up quick and said, "My name is Marinia" after finding out his name. But T had already said my name so I apologized and giggled. I think they figured out I was nervous. T introduced his sister. I took off my shoes. His sister and him look like they can be twins. They look so similar! She's very pretty. His father is striking as well. I had only seen one photo of him T pulled out when he showed me pictures of himself. It was a family portrait from when they were still one family, his mother and father. His father had black hair in it. Now he has gray hair.
His father took my coat for me. I set down my purse with my shoes. We were standing there as they said how good it was for him to come. He doesn't visit much, which he should. We were standing there when his stepmom came up from the basement. T handed them their gift, a bottle of wine. Moscato...YUM
Me = needing self help

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