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Originally Posted by pparma View Post
Hi everyone I am pparma
I am in triad relationship with another man and a wonderful woman. We both share our loving lady and are both straight, they are legally married and I am the third. We all live together in Washington State and have a wonderful family. We have been together for over two years and I still find myself getting jealous but have found that talking about it has helped me a a lot. This is my first experience with being poly and I have enjoyed every moment of it.
Hi and welcome!

Just a technical point re common understanding of certain poly terminology - if you are straight and therefore not involved sexually or romantically with the other man, your lady's husband, then you are in a Vee, not a Triad. She would be the hinge or anchor of the Vee and each man is an arm. If you were in a Triad, you and he would also be involved.

Looking forward to hearing more from you...
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