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Well, time for an update perhaps. =]

As of the previous entries, that stuff has all been "sorted". Police came and went, have had many calls between us. Unfortunately it never really went any further. Not enough evidence and witnesses weren't willing to take it to court if it had to. So that's done and been swept under the rug as it were.

I've just recently entered a relationship with someone actually very open to who I am too. She's a very free spirit and I feel a connection, even on a spiritual level. Something I've never really had in a relationship before now. Of course, it is very early days yet and at most, I feel we are just really close friends. Which certainly isn't a bad thing. =] For now, her name shall be Freespirit. Cheesy and totally unoriginal, but I'll think of something better. =P

I have myself a job. Even if it is just a small amount of hours [and money] a week. It makes me feel like I'm actually doing something with life. Hopefully it means I can start putting money towards things I need too. Which means throughout next year, I'm expecting my life to find a real direction and take me on an incredible journey. I hope you'll all be there to join me. =]

Much love to all. <3
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