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Originally Posted by Legion View Post
My pattern has been to tell a prospective partner that I want an open relationship, to detail what I mean by an open relationship and then act in a manner consistent with my stated intentions.

How can I use these incidents to be a better partner?
I've been leaving it up to Nyx or whomever my partner is to tell me when they are so uncomfortable about a situation or to let me know when they "can't take it anymore" and want out of the relationship. Maybe I shoud start to take the initiative and say "I don't think we're compatible."

I want the freedom and trust of a partner to whom I can say something to the effect "I may flirt or otherwise interact with other women; I will let you know if any of these get to a point where I think there is a possiblity it could blossom into an actual romantic love interest." and have her trust me.
It is important for poly people ESPECIALLY so to take FULL responsibility not only for our own issues-but also for things we KNOW to be true even if they aren't TECHNICALLY "our responsibility".
I believe that there is a whole article about that posted (in a link) on here relatively recently. Don't recall if it was in Ceoli's thread or Seventh... but it's here somewhere!
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