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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
So you would put your version of what you believe to be true on everyone else, just because of how YOU feel. How is that fair? We are all different, diverse, this is what makes for peoples uniqueness. That is a good thing to me. We need to be different and diverse. The goal for me is to be just who I am and that is a person who loves tremendously and is abundant in love.

My love spreads beyond the confines of one person. Yours doesn't. Nice to meet you now lets chat about something else. End of story. Why the concern about it? Is is confusion? Did you think that everyone was like you? I'm not trying to be a troll either, I genuinely want to know because if you can let go of whatever attachment you have to being right about this then I suspect it might not bug you so much that other people don't think like you. Just a thought.

For the record, I don't love my family like I do my partners. EWWWWWW. BLah. Yup, nope.
Hmm I suppose you have a point... I'm actually more worried about Poly taking over and becoming the mainstream instead of monogamy. And before you know it the whole definition of romantic love will be changed and will be be just like platonic love.
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