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Originally Posted by Marbit View Post
As you mention I may have screwed many things while trying to avoid problems.

Right now I'm in a different country than she is and from time to time she asks me "have you seen other girls?" and my answer is "no". I don't like to lie to her, at first I defended my point and as it was said I had two weeks of hell... it is like the bomb that you know its going to blow sooner or latter.

I'm talking with you because I don't want to keep that lie. It is horrible and it is impossible to hide and I'm not saying that I'm not subtle when seeing girls but I'm very transparent and my GF knows how to read me and now everytime that I see an attractive girl I get nervous because I know that she knows... I shouldn't lie/hide or feel bad about who am I, I wont.

OMG I'm telling you guys a lot and I guess the problem is not that I'm telling you.I trust you have no ill intentions and I'm kind of anonymous here. The problem is that this is one more thing that I feel that I'm hiding (and she will freak out if she discovers that I'm writing here).

Perhaps it would actually be a good idea to go to a counselor... but it would be difficult now that we will be in a country where we don't quite speak the native language.

Anyways, I really appreciate all your help guys, I was getting crazy.
Maybe this is just a language issue, but to me, when someone says they are SEEING someone, that means they're sleeping with someone. Are you sleeping with other people or just looking at them.

If it's looking at them, you're doing nothing wrong, if it's sleeping with them, then you are doing something wrong (based on your previous promise of monogamy).
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