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Originally Posted by Arrowbound View Post
I don't think a veto is worth a damn without discussion. Just to get up one day and say to my husband "Hey, I don't like this new girl. Stop seeing her." rubs me the wrong way.
Ah but a veto is justs that. Telling a partner who they are "allowed" to spend their time with. Its trying to force control and giving an ultimatum if that is not respected.

If there is discussion then it isn't a veto. Its a discussion on boundaries. If your boundaries are being pushed about who you are willing to put up with then it warrants a discussion for sure, but it isn't anything about veto. Its just healthy communication and respect/consideration for all. The idea being to find a solution that works for all, not for one person. I would argue that vetoing is not a solution. It compounds the problem and creates more issues.
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