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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
STBF, I have a hunch. It occurs to me that you are surrounded by lots of estrogen; a wife, a girlfriend, and two teenage daughters (the age of raging hormones). Just wondering if, perhaps, it's all just feeling like too much female energy and emotions to navigate and juggle all at once. Even though you love them all, getting "out" and away from that probably holds great appeal for you.

Do you have many guy friends? If not, I recommend you make some. It could be very good for you to cultivate friendships and buddy type relationships with other men. Do you do much physical activity, or exercise? Workouts using free weights, boxing, or running, for example? Maybe what you need is to make sure that you have an outlet like that, and regular get-togethers with your male pals where you can connect with them and find sanctuary from all the female energy which can be quite overwhelming to feel immersed in it most of the time. Maybe then, you would feel more of a balance in your life and wouldn't want to escape your relationships to find it.
Female energy? Womanly juju...

Yes, I do have a handful of male friends. My home life and love life are estrogen filled, but my (admittedly minimal) social life is filled with testosterone and manliness.

I started an intense workout regime around the same time that I started improving my confidence.

I have to say that I find it interesting that you used the word "escape". Am I trying to escape from my relationships? I don't know. It's something for me to think about.

Also, happy holidays. I'm sort of inebriated right now.
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