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Feeling odd, as I do most holidays. I look at Facebook and see most of my friends talking about spending time with friends and family today while I get ready to pull a seven hour shift at retail. I'll admit, I'm not a big one for Christmas (I personally prefer Yule), but it's important to those around me so it's important to me.

Other then that, resisting the urge to tell someone in a terrible situation "I told you so" as it won't help and will only add more to the already heaping pile of steaming drama turds. I think part of that urge is me feeling neglected, as petty as that is, by someone in the middle of that pile of crap. Once it gets sorted out I'm sure things will get better.

Looking forward to spending tomorrow with my family. Yoda is all excited, and my mother is spending the night tonight. With no one besides her left at her house, it's going to seem way to empty, so we invited her over. The holidays are a terrible time to be reminded of those we've lost to death.
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