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Default bar scene sucks?

Hey guys

So I went out for the first time the other night just to meet people, not for sex or anything, but just to meet friends. In a six hour period, I went to four bars. It may have been that it was a Thursday night, but they were all empty,which first was very strange, but the people who were there came with friends and closed their group off to outsiders. I had fun just talking to random people over the night but no one that I felt could turn into a friendship, let alone a relationship. If anyone can help me think of some ideas to maybe meet people other than a bar, where is more cliche than i figured lol.
Also, what is everyone's thoughts on meeting someone online? I actually emailed someone back on craigslist,they replied back very enthusiastic, than asked for my picture. I know im not the best looking guy in the world, and im not very photogenic. When i sent what i thought was the best picture i had, i didnt hear a word from her. Does that mean she was shallow from the get go or am I being paranoid? I dont want to judge people or assume things but thats just what i felt happened. I do really like this life style, and i know that its not something that happens over night for either my wife or I. I just want to understand. Thank you guys
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