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Originally Posted by bassman View Post
Just maybe I'll be meeting my first poly person face to face tonight!
You make it sound like going to see monkeys in the zoo.

Originally Posted by bassman View Post
Originally Posted by RfromRMC View Post
Have you tried going to the London Poly meetup?
The thing is, my wife is a *little* anti-nonmonogamy.

Now, I think it will be better for my wife to know someone and then later be informed of her non-monogamous sex life, rather than if I announced "hey, lets go meet some poly folk!"
Well, if you seem focused only on the sex, I could understand why she would be hesitant. But you do know poly is much, much more than that. From your posts, I often think you are really looking for a more primarily sexual practice, like cuckolding, and not really polyamory at all.

You could still go to the poly meetup by yourself, if you really want to meet poly people. Make some friends and invite them over! I mean, she brings around all her church people expecting you to hang out and entertain them, why can't you have a poly set of friends and acquaintances you bring around?
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