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Originally Posted by rolypoly View Post
This sounds sarcastic to me, which leads me to think that you feel resentful. Sounds like you're needing more freedom to explore other relationships without fearing Nyx's reactions.

I don't know much else about your situation(s), so I don't know what else to say.
Yeah, I admit, that's a bit of sarcasm there... but also somewhat in a realistic vein. I've mentioned more than once that if need be I could fill out a daily log or do a daily report of some kind not in a sarcastic way but realistically because I think Nyx was creating things that didn't exist because I wasn't specific about what I was and wasn't doing.... mostly I wasn't doing ANYTHING but since it was left open she seemed to be imagining that I was doing LOTS of various things. I thought a daily report, though personally tedious might allay some of her suspicions and make her realize my life isn't nearly that intriguing.

I think for now, we are friends and maybe using some advice of LR's we can improve our communication and see what happens?

Good to see you are still on the forums!

LR- you mentioned a "please understand me" thread or test or something on the other post but I did a search and don't know where to go.. may I have a link?
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