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Hey there, great that it worked out for now and that you don't have to face this alone. But ...

Originally Posted by riftara View Post

We decided that if Im not, I get an IUD ASAP.

[...] just because Ive found myself wanting another baby.

Right now the thought of putting in an iud saddens me.
This worries me. You say 'we' but I can't see this mutual agreement later on. If this saddens you, if you don't want this to happen to your body and to your possibilities and if you want a child, you should have said so to him. Some commented on the 'super big problem' thread that they see some things that rose some red flags in their opinion. I think it was about this 'getting attention' you mentioned twice or thrice. Are you able to speak your mind when you have conversations with them? Or do you tend to keep those important thoughts to yourself? If yes, why? You haven't messed up anything. Something like that can happen and both of them should start by searching their own faults before they begin to count yours.
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