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F and M made it to Texas just fine! I told her not to worry about me at all the next few days and to just enjoy being with her family since she doesn't get to see them often (I've known her for over a year and she has only seen her sister once in that time). I've been debating in my head whether or not I should try to call/text, and since it is now well past midnight I guess I will start the debate with myself over tomorrow! Actually, I already know I will text her when I get up tomorrow just to say hi, I'm thinking about you, and hope you're having fun. lol

I had a wonderful day today with Keith, though. Sometimes I forget how much fun we can have when we just spend the whole day together with nothing really planned. We went shopping for Christmas dinner supplies, thought about going to see a movie and then went to the bookstore instead. We have now been watching the web series 'Family' online. Yay
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