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Default One down...

I told John about the possibility that I am pregnant with F's kid. he was upset, but he said it has always been a possibility and he isnt gong anywhere and he is behind me no matter what I do. He is also against me preventing anything from happening.

We decided that if Im not, I get an IUD ASAP. That should prevent me from having this happen again until the situation is right for F or John.

Ive found myself hoping I am on some levels, I guess that is the natural way for it to work, survival of the baby and the race and such. Im still waiting to talk to F about it, and Im afraid of that discussion, but I kinda want to be pregnant, not because its his kid, just because Ive found myself wanting another baby.

After the scary discussion with John was over, I felt like it would all be ok if I was. It made me want it, knowing there isnt going to be a big huge problem in mine and John's relationship

Right now the thought of putting in an iud saddens me. I know Im messed up emotionally because of the change in my meds, but I also know that right now, if John was going to be home for a little while, we would try to have a kid.

Maybe Im just messed up because the doc changed my meds
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