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A few years ago, when I was just starting to learn about polyamory and the possibilities of multiple relationships, I went to the local poly potluck a couple times, and attended various workshops like "Intro to Poly" or "Poly Q & A" or whatever. Having these resources available was/is invaluable - so much more engaging and added to my understanding much more than books or online articles or other things I had discovered previously.

I got plenty of interesting ideas to mull over (boundaries, contracts, hierarchies, legal issues etc.), but what I really loved most was seeing all the different ways people put their families together. That's what really draws me to polyamory - the idea that a family is composed of the people you love, not just the slots that are "supposed to be" filled.

Now that I'm actually going about building a more poly life, I feel like I don't need that formal community as much. However, I think I'm lucky, because Seattle seems to be a fairly accepting place to live. I've mentioned polyamory and my setup in particular to my hair stylist, the owner of my favorite dress boutique, and one of the librarians at the local library, and all of them responded with "Huh. That sounds fantastic. Tell me more."

Also, my friends, bosses, and co-workers all know everything (probably way too much) about my life, and although they don't quite get it, they're all supportive. My family knows more or less, and they also don't get it. But, ultimately, they're happy if I am

These days, I would say this forum is my poly community. I don't post much, but I devour what other people say, and especially enjoy reading the blogs and life stories. I feel like I know some of you quite well!
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