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Originally Posted by AntiPoly View Post
Glad to see I'm not the only one who views kissing as more sacred and intimate than sex. I thought I was a weirdo lol. As for why I am anti-poly, I am anti-poly because I believe it denotes romantic love and takes away the "specialness of it" what made romantic love stronger than any other type of love was precisely because it was reserved just for one person. Now with this whole Poly thing, people are making romantic love on the same level as platonic and family love and I just hate that there's no longer a "special" love anymore.

Also to everyone else that was wondering, I am no troll, I am just genuinely curious on this topic.
OK, so i have multiple loves. Each one is unique and special to me. That is the joy of being Poly. I have come to realize just how much this can be a good thing, There is no way that loving another takes away from the other, in fact I have found quite the opposite. "Romantic" love is not finite, and I am enjoying it with both of my current lovers (My wife and my GF). As far as kissing goes, with both of them its special to me. they kiss differently and thats also special to me. in fact they do everything sexually differently. but thats a whole nother story.
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