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Thanks Phy!

Yes I am seeing this as being a very successful relationship, lasting many years to come. It sounds crazy to admit it, but truly, it is what we both talk about, how we both feel about it. It feels so major, so earth-shaking, this love. I am eternally grateful for the chance to experience such love!

Now my greatest challenges lie in time management, making sure each love has proper time and trying to not be obsessive about my new love. That NRE is powerful stuff! The great part is that we talk about it, the NRE, and how it shapes our actions at times. It is wonderful to be in a poly relationship with a man who has been doing it for a few years already, someone who is a master communicator, and whose wife is completely cool with it (and has a BF of her own who is cool).

Here is a question: What titles are available as a secondary relationship? BF and GF sound so juvenile to me, I call him my beau, my partner, my mate. But there has to be other, more apt titles, right? What do you call a man whom you love dearly, see yourself spending your life with but isn't your husband? A man with whom you share a poly fi love with and is "secondary" only in title. My love for him is in no way secondary, it is just as strong as my marital love, just in different ways.
Have courage to continue this journey, for it holds nothing but lessons and wonders.
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