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Originally Posted by Nyx View Post
I'm sorry, but I am confused....she is asking if you can sleep together yet and you respond 'I know you're scared, whenever you think you're ready"...? Who was waiting for who here?
I meant I knew she was scared of forming an emotional bond. ( I was cutting to make it about 10% the size of the original message.) I was waiting for her to get the courage up to engage me not just on a sexual level but with emotional intimacy as well.

As for the rest, I think Mono is right, pointing out those three very important differences. I want to share my life with Nyx, but then I am gone from the country for a portion of every year, travel for work; admittedly a bit of a nomad. I thought perhaps we could remain connected and share some of our time/space.

My views about lovers came because I don't like to be limited I don't want to limit others, but realistically I think the branching should stop somewhere or loop back in to make a circle. I have had limited experience, really, the largest extension I've been in was myself, two g/fs both of whom had one other lover.

The views on sex I feel have changed, esp. when Nyx and I were together. I actually never slept with anyone else while we were together and had planned on following a "fluid bonding" pattern if and when I engaged a new sexual partner... but we broke up before that event.

I felt more responsible, since I was responsible not just to myself but to her as well. A good correlation is my motorcycle driving. When I'm alone, I sometimes go really fast but with a passenger I am much more circumspect.
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