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We had sex multiple times. That one day. I went to work. He made me so happy.
I don't remember much. I think we kept hanging out that week. We kept having sex. L and I didn't talk. We had so much sex I got a uti. Sex with him was pure bliss. He's very gracious. L wasn't so much. Sex with L hadn't felt right in about a year and we stopped having sex several months previous to me and T meeting.

So anyways during the couple weeks where I was cheating (hate admitting), L and I didn't talk other than arguing.
And I realized I had now really developed feelings for T.
(I remember leaving his house one night. I had this feeling bubbling up and I finally got the nerve to tell him. So I'm hugging him and say, "I think I'm falling for you." He pulls me away and looks me in the eye. I'm so very afraid he'll say something bad. Instead I ask, "Is that okay?" He smiles, looks me in the eye still, and says, "That's wonderful". And pulls me into him.)
So I decided to end things, plus it wasn't fair to him.
So I broke up with him. He was upset, but he was so sure it was like the other times where we'd get back together. After a week we hadn't gotten back together. I encouraged him to hang with his coworker Mike. He did. Mike is 29. L just turned 19. Mike is chauvinistic. He is single. His advice was for L to fuck anyone and everyone. And to double wrap.... Great advice. L and I decided to stay friends. We had been together 4 years and were inseparable (until work) and like twins. It'd be hard to cut our relationship cold turkey. Mike though...

Mike put ideas into L's head. Such as that I was just dragging him along until I could find someone else... So L, after having known me 4 years/knowing almost every nook and cranny of my mind, and Mike only 1 month asks me if that's what I'm doing....! I was so offended and pissed.

This same week L and I were talking. He finally decides to tell me that he had cheated.........
Me = needing self help

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