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Default New Boyfriend...Fizzled out?

Hey all! New to poly. Been married 5 years. Just started dating a guy 6 weeks ago. Here's the deal...

It's been nothing but roller coaster emotions with the new boyfriend. There was an immediate sexual spark. There was a brief infatuation period. Then there was the "OMG I'm in love" period. Now there's the "walls are up and maybe I need my space period." And this week? The sex tanked. Now I'm not sure if I love him at all...much less want to see him anymore if the sex stays where it's at. I'm a very sexual person and if the sex isn't great...then I move on. But I love chatting with him...and snuggling...and watching movies...and spending time with him. I'm just afraid that our spark is gone. For him, the spark is still there and he's head over heels in love with me. Am I wrong to say there HAS to be a sexual spark?

Husband is really cool about everything. He's glad to see me happy. So no issues on that front.

But my question long do I give my relationship with my boyfriend a chance before axing it? Is this just a normal roller coaster of emotions for someone in a relationship with 2 guys and perhaps some expectations on the sexual front?
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