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Originally Posted by PolyFiTri View Post
Not all breakups happen because of incompatiblity. Some end simply because they have run their course and served their purpose, and one or both in the relationship feel it is time to move on.

Just because their may be some small incompatiblity, it doesn't mean it has to end either. That could be something that is easily over come, and the relationship could continue.
If the relationship runs its course or if at least one person has moved on, doesn't it mean that the people involved are no longer compatible relationship-wise? The chemistry between them is gone, or the people are at different stages in their lives.

I'll admit that I just don't see why a break up is such a bad thing as long as it is handled tactfully (barring the financial aspects of divorce). One thing that is stopping me from leaving is that I want to try to understand my wife and gf's perspectives on this one.

Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
I got a depressed vibe from some of this. Another reason for the passion question. Have you had bouts of depression?
In the past, yes I have.

At the moment, I don't think that I am depressed. That's according to my therapist, according to my friends and family, and according to me.
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