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its only a few months that i have been using it and its 100% different from what Ive taken before, it works from 3 hours after insertion, if you put it in within 3 days of the end of your period, if you dont, it takes 7 days to kick in. I found this out because I was checking to see if there would be any interactions with the pain meds I am on. I put it in as soon as the pharmacy would let me get it. You can also have it out for up to 3 hours without interfering with its protection, so you can take it out if it interferes with sex. Its actually really cool, but everything said it worked from day 1, when it doesnt really, unless you put it in as soon as your period is over.

My first or second month, I skipped a period. That caused all sorts of crap, including a huge fight with F, which is how I know that he considers life from conception.
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