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Default Super Big Problem

So, I found out today that my birth control wasn't active, and wont be until the 26th.

Ive had unprotected sex then, with F only, on the days I ovulated.

This means a 67-81 % chance of pregnancy.

I have a couple of options, so what do you think I should do.

A - say nothing, avoid sex until Monday when it is active, and deal with a pregnancy if it shows up when it shows up (this keeps everyone happy, well until a positive pregnancy test comes up)

B - tell everyone that there is a possibility, I know F is highly against anything other than regular birthcontrol for stopping a pregnancy, he considers it life from conception. (this would cause a big upset, F would likely loose all trust in me, John would hate me for not having sex with him during this time since he actually wants another kid) and if Im not all these problems will be for naught and cause long term effects in my relationships

C - Say nothing, take precautions to avoid implantation (the morning after pill or a certain concoction of herbs I know), and dont mention it. Ever. To anyone. (well other than this) I know this would be the end of me and F if he found out. But unless it drove me crazy, he would never know. The down side to this is if it doesnt work, I HAVE to have a regular abortion, which would also kill my relationship with F.

so what do I do
A with a negative - hurt no one, lie by omission
A with a positive - possible hurt to everyone, lie by omission or maybe strait out in the answer to how could this have happened
B with a negative - hurt everyone, tell the truth
B with a positive - hurt everyone, tell the truth
C with a negative (either by my actions or a true negative) hurt no one, lie (about what Im taking if nothing else, they watch me closely because of my bi-polar)
C with a positive - hurt everyone, lie, have to go through an abortion, loose my relationship with F
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