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Smile Positive Poly Story

I haven't been on this site for months! How nice it is to be back and feeling the support of other Poly Peeps!

I just wanted to throw a happy update out there, to those who like to hear positive things about Poly.

When I first visited this site it was with many questions. I had a husband who wasn't yet on board with poly and wasn't sure if we should try it. Gradually, after much talking and thinking we have moved forward. There was never that moment of stepping over the poly line, it was more of a gradual decision. I got on OKC and eventually, he did too. I met a man a few months ago on there and we began dating. He is poly and has a wife and kids, much the same as me. We all get along wondrously. When I started this poly journey, I had a hope that someday i could hang with both of my men on a couch and watch a movie, cuddling both. My husband hadn't liked the idea at the outset, wasn't comfortable with it. Months later (two days ago) my other man was staying the night and we all watched a movie together, cuddling on the couch. The two get along famously and neither felt uncomfortable.

Can you tell? I fell deeply in love with my new man. Like I never knew that I could. I love my husband and even feel closer to him because of it. I like my new guy's wife even, she is super cool! We are even planning a possible dinner with all 8 of us, how much fun our kiddos will have together (they keep begging to meet each other).

I just wanted to gift everyone a positive poly story. I love to read them too, so if you have one (or know where to find some) please share! Any questions, I will SO go into detail

Enjoy your day!
Have courage to continue this journey, for it holds nothing but lessons and wonders.
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