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Unhappy New to Polyamory

This is all new to me and I want some advice. I am a lesbian, my girlfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years, in the beginning she told me she has been in many open relationships. At the time I didnt think of it because she didnt have anyone in mind and to be honest all I wanted was her. Since then she has met someone and at first we did a 3way relationship but I have since broken up with the other person and she has stayed with him. I am having a difficult time with this with my jealousy and insecurities. How can I make this work with my girlfriend? I dont know if I am okay with her relationship but then again I dont want to lose her. Plus since she told me in the beginning about her open relationships I feel I dont have the right to make her choose.

Not all of her past relationships have been a open relationship so I wonder what is it about me that she needs someone else in her life. I know she loves me and I am her number one in this relationship, thats how she explained to me. I am lost, confused, and hope someone can help me with all this. Thanks
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