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Default Watch out for this anonymous appeal

Note that this appeal says nothing about who they are or who they're working for. Bad sign.

It may be a coincidence... but Firecracker Films also has a similar casting call out currently. That is the outfit that made "I Love You. and You. and You" for Britain's creepy freak-show program "Tainted Love" in 2006. It was a snark job and not what the participants/victims had been led to expect. See my posts about it at the time here:

and here:

...including the comments especially from people who participated. A
member of one family they filmed wrote,

When I researched Firecracker Films before we agreed to be filmed, I
found out about the "Tainted Love" series Channel 4 was commissioning
(then called "the dark side of modern love") and specifically asked
them if this documentary was part of that series.

They said no. Obviously, they lied.

This family was filmed for several days but was not shown in the final
cut -- probably because, they think, they were not dysfunctional
enough to meet Firecracker Films' needs even with creative editing.

If anyone is tempted to respond, *at least* contact the Polyamory Media Association ( and/or Loving More ( and get advice on how to draw up a binding contract with the filmmakers about how you do and don't agree to be used -- including your right to review and veto the final cut of this use and any future uses of all filming done of you, your property, etc. etc. And be prepared to walk away from any deal.

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